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Patient engagement and experience

Patient engagement and experience is about putting patients at the heart of hospital services.

We believe that people have a right to be actively involved in decisions that affect their lives and well being. This trust listens to and involves patients, carers and the public in all aspects of hospital activity.

Patients, carers and members of the public have the opportunity to get involved in decisions about your healthcare and influence the services you use.

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Patients will now be able to have their say about the care and treatment they receive in hospital like never before, following the launch of the Friends and Family Test.

Patients admitted to East Cheshire NHS Trust's hospitals will be encouraged to answer a single, simple question to gauge how well their expectations are being met. The question is 'how likely is it that you would recommend this service to a friend or family?' using an 'extremely likely' to 'not at all likely' scale.

The question is quick and easy, is used in other industries, and will enable hospitals to compare themselves and learn from the best. Hospitals will be required to achieve a 15% response rate. Responses will be made publicly available, alongside other measures of clinical quality, and will be useful to patients in making choices about their care.

Patients can respond online or by completing a paper copy. Each ward will have its own coded copies and post boxes will be placed at locations throughout the hospital.

It is very important that all patients have the opportunity to complete the survey on leaving the department or to complete and return it when they get home.