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Carers Information

Staff here at the Trust understand that it can be a very worrying time for carers when someone with a learning disability comes into hospital.

We want to ensure that you are involved as much as you want to be in the patient's care, bearing in mind their condition and their wishes. 

In our nursing assessment, staff will ask if carers wish to be involved. If this is the case, then a carer involvement care plan will be implemented. This will mean that staff will talk to the patient and carer and discuss what the staff will do and what the carer will do. We are very aware that carers often know the patient best and we will listen to what you say.  There will be an opportunity to talk with staff to see that what you have decided together is working.

If the patient has a patient passport, we would be grateful if you could give this to the staff to help them to get to know the patient's needs quickly. 

You can expect that a reasonable adjustments care plan will be put into place which highlights where the staff need to make adjustments to care and treatment to suit the patient.

To help our carers we have a Carers Passport. Please click here for further information. 

Requesting a Carers Needs Assessment

Please click here for information about Carer Needs Assessments for those who care for adults.

For information about all aspects of social care and support, please see the Information and Advice Cheshire East webpage on the Cheshire East website which covers all aspects of social care and support: