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Visitor information

All visitors must wear a face mask in line with national guidance on entering the hospital and for the duration of your stay

If you do not have your own, face masks will be provided upon entry. Please dispose of masks in the yellow clinical waste bins provided on leaving the premises. Please use the sanitiser to clean your hands before wearing your mask.

The mask must cover your mouth and nose and be worn at all times unless your clinician asks you to remove it.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 please do not enter the building. You and your household should isolate at home and follow Public Health England (PHE) guidelines.

Wearing a face mask does not change this.

Visiting patients

All patient visiting remains suspended apart from:

• If a patient is receiving end of life care
• If a visitor is a parent or appropriate adult visiting a child

In these circumstances, one visitor, an immediate family member or carer will be permitted to visit.

Please contact the ward prior to your visit.