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Updated Visitor Information - 29th September 2022

As COVID-19 cases rise in the community we must ensure the safety of our patients, visitors and staff by minimising the risk of transmission in our hospitals.

Regrettably, there may be times in our clinical areas when we need to restrict visits to compassionate and essential visiting only.

Visiting for patients with Learning Disabilities, Dementia or those requiring additional support should be discussed with the nurse in charge of the ward.

Please ensure that if you are visiting, you call the ward beforehand to check the current visiting status of that area either directly or on 01625 421000.

If you are able to visit, please ensure you wear a face mask at all times for everyone's safety.

Many thanks for your ongoing understanding and cooperation. 

Face Masks

To ensure the safety of our patients and staff, face masks should continue to be worn in all clinical areas at East Cheshire NHS Trust. Please note, this includes all hospital corridors and the RVS Shop.

If you do not have your own, face masks will be provided upon entry. Please dispose of masks in the yellow clinical waste bins provided on leaving the premises. Please use the sanitiser to clean your hands before wearing your mask.

The mask must cover your mouth and nose and be worn at all times unless your clinician asks you to remove it.

Please see latest NHS guidelines about COVID-19, including symptoms, testing, vaccination and staying at home. 

Please visit for the latest Government information about COVID-19.