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Mencap Get It Right Charter

East Cheshire NHS Trust has signed up to the Mencap Get It Right Charter

See the person, not the disability

  • All people with a learning disability have an equal right to healthcare.

  • All healthcare professionals have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to the treatment they provide to people with a learning disability.

  • All healthcare professionals should provide a high standard of care and treatment and value the lives of people with a learning disability.


By signing this charter, we pledge to:

  • make sure that hospital passports are available and used
  • make sure that all our staff understand and apply the principles of mental capacity laws
  • appoint a learning disability liaison nurse in our hospital(s)
  • make sure every eligible person with a learning disability can have an annual health check
  • provide ongoing learning disability awareness training for all staff
  • listen to, respect and involve families and carers
  • provide practical support and information to families and carers
  • provide information that is accessible for people with a learning disability
  • display the Getting it right principles for everyone to see.

For guidance on implementing this pledge, please visit