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Reasonable Adjustments Care Plan

A risk assessment will be carried out for all patients with a learning disability who are admitted to hospital.

This will be recorded on the Reasonable Adjustments Care Plan and ‚Äč‚Äčenables staff to identify what reasonable adjustments can be made.

To help hospital staff highlight patients who need reasonable adjustments, laminated yellow signs are provided on the wards. These can be put next to the patient’s name on the white board and on the board over the patient’s bed, so that all staff are aware and follow the reasonable adjustments that have been agreed.

The Risk Assessment Reasonable Adjustment Care Plan (RARA) should be completed within 24 hours in line with other Risk Assessments. The patient / carer should be involved in completion where possible.

The document must be signed and dated at the end by whoever completed the form and the staff who checked it.